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Projects 1991 - 2018
Windows / Linux / Unix

January 2018

Since 2003, Microsoft Visual Studio has been the main development platform for all Windows Desktop software titles developed - starting with Professional Edition 2002, then Visual Studio 2008 and now Visual Studio 2017.

All software titles for Windows Desktop have had their source code migrated to Visual Studio 2017 in order to continue support for the latest Windows OS environments.

Windows / Linux / Unix

Enterprise Projects.

September 2017

Construction of service website and back end order handling for retail shelf label delivery service. Retailers submit Excel stock file with price information and PDF documents with formatted shelf labels are delivered in return.

May 2017

May 2017 sees the completion of a full on-line retail shelf label management service utilising the latest in MS-Windows Application hosting on the cloud. This year long project involved harnessing the functionality of a previous desktop application into a form usable on smart phones and tablets as well as PC's and laptops.

February 2016

64 bit Windows support is added for an already existing application license management framework with improved client messaging capability and application instance control.

August 2015

Improvements are made to ReportTasks reporting module to include features such as multi-page preview and improved reporting speed for the 64 bit Windows environment

August 2014

A restricted document management application is developed to enable clients to wrap their important documents in a secure and encrypted presentation platform for MS-Windows offering restrictions in copying, beyond time span use, printing and clipboard activities.

May 2014

Regattare Application Licensing framework is developed as a software service and application module to deal with the issue of software application license management and distribution for applications developed using Visual Studio .Net

August 2013 - July 2016

A three year undertaking to design and develop (part-time) a story telling application which is targeted at all mobile platforms and has real time interactive features and enables links to author and other story related resources.

September 2011

Provision of support and bespoke alterations for patient record and detail management system for blood disorders clinic; development of middleware Interface for main facility patient record and detail management system to third party patient treatment administration system via SOAP/XML.

May 2010

Retail label design and management solution - Main features : Improved usability of label printing features with Xml driven data sources along with database import and export features. Label layout design interface with point click, drag and drop object methodologies.

March 2010

Break Even cost analysis application - Main features : provides base analysis for businesses starting up or going through cost or profit forecast changes.

June 2009

Text readability analysis software - Main features : Reads in RTF, HTML, XML or TXT document and analysis content for readability stats (sentences, gunning fog index, lexical analysis etc.); Accurately obtains graded reading age for material in these document formats.

January 2009

Design and development of SSCC compliant pallet label management and printing application.

Produces pallet labels for tracking & tracing - food shipping industry

SSCC compliant pallet labelling software for Windows, designed to operate with Zebra family of printers using ZPL protocol.

May 2008

Design and development for TMX (Translation Memory) file splitter for production support - Validates & Splits TMX 1.4b translation memory file into managable parts for GMS to import.

September 2007

Tag insertion & extraction utility for localization production support

Takes list of localizable terms from Excel document and searches all files in a project for a locale and replaces occurrences of these terms with system generated tags, then once the Excel document has been localized, inserts the localized terms into the documents in question replacing the system generated tags with the localized terms. Deals with C, C++, XML, HTML and TXT format files.

May 2007

Designed and developed a mass find and replace utility

Searches any document for list of patterns and replaces that list with respective content on the opposing pattern list.

April 2006

Designed and developed a disk object watcher

Allows administrator to create schedules for checking folders, network drives and individual documents at any accessible location for existance, size, location and last user access - raises alarm if any of the scheduled objects falls outside the set parameters such as file size, location or deletion.

October 2005

Designed and developed an SLA reporting system for project managers / production

Stores information about project progress and pulls off reports giving project timelines, costs and forecasts / performance. Project formed basis of prototype for Business Intelligence module which was developed for localization GMS.

July 2004

Design, development and marketing of Shelf Talker Management software for Wholesale / Cash & Carry

Manages information about warehouse stock and imports data from 3rd party stock management system - prints various styles of barcoded stock labels (Shelf Talkers). Project is variant of already existing software product (see below)

October 2003

Designed, developed and marketed a Shelf Label Management software application  for Retailers

Manages information about retail stock and imports / exports data from and to 3rd party stock management system - prints various styles of barcoded and unit priced shelf labels - supports wide range of label printers.

Oct. 1997 - Dec. 2002

Support and continued development of Retail distribution management system / warehouse management suite

Various 2nd and 3rd level support undertakings for this UNIX based suite of business applications, developed in KCML (Business Basic - See Wang 2200 2C-Basic for legacy background) - Stock management, e-POS interfacing, branch communications, handheld scanning terminal interfacing, ledger and sales / purchase order management, Payroll)

In addition, application development and support was also undertaken with C, C++ and VB6 devised solutions. (Database query add on modules, device drivers, communications software)

Major tasks :

Support for up to 30 retail / wholesale / Cash & Carry sites

Development of specialist module and bespoke alterations

Modification of Invoicing and transaction modules for Cash & Carry environments

Y2K risk analysis and code changes

Euro changeover risk analysis, code changes and management

Branch communications infrastructure creation and management (Price changes, sales data, new line information)

September 1994

Project managed and constructed test plans for group of software testers : 

Testing Subscriber Management System for Star TV in Hong Kong, rolled out by News International, UK

· Performed structured testing which lead to fault finding with database record locks in Novell Btrieve.

November 1991

Designed and developed a bookshop retail management suite

Features included :

- Text based menu driven application

- Stock detail management / reorder level data inclusion and analysis

- sales reporting

- Cashier account management

- Stock take forecast reporting

- Stock ordering and order list / picking list reporting

- Goods received / invoice matching

- Ledger access & control (Sales & Purchase); accounting period Control

- Basic shop line code driven EPOS System with receipt printing / book docket printing

- Security backup facility

Deployed in Acorn BASIC on Acorn Archimedes ARM2 based processor PC and later in QuickBasic 7 on an IBM PC/AT (80286) under MS-DOS 5