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  Since 1994 I have been developing a wide and varied skill set in information technology ranging from software test planning and execution, software tools and enterprise solution design and development as well as application support across a spectrum of legacy and current state of the art platforms.  My experience has encompassed the deployment of said disciplines in over six private and public organisational environments. 

Technical undertakings which I have solely been responsible for initiating and driving through to completion have mostly involved risk analysis, requirements definition forming and prototype design with development, in order to ensure the best fit solution is deployed for the environments concerned. Undertaking legacy application development across five different development languages to ensure effective modification and addition of functionality for those systems concerned - through retail, localization, digital document management, medical information management as well as small to medium size enterprise solutions.

In addition, peripheral disciplines to core technical responsibilities have been undertaken to support the progress of a good deal of the projects which I have headed, notably product marketing, advertising, sales portal configuration and provision of end to end support. The advent of social media platforms since 2004/2005 has presented the necessity for me to lengthen the extent of my learning span to accommodate such activities as SEO, website development, social media integration as well as on-line merchant store inclusion.

My passion for building on what I have already gained in experience over the last 24 years acts very much as the prime mover to the activity of exploring new and up-coming alternative methods of problem solving and comparing and contrasting these to traditional methods, taking the best from both old and new world offerings to adopt sometimes hybrid solutions which draw from the stability which their respective origins offer.


With a solid understanding of application development & support processes involved in a wide variety of business environments through various roles, embracing both in commercial and bespoke development disciplines.. Extensive experience in software testing, training and specification authoring. Both technical & project management; carried through application document authoring and constant improvement of processes.


·         UNIX / LINUX (SCO OpenServer V, AT&T, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS), MS Server 2000/ 2003 / 2015 Setup & Administration, application / interface development (C, C++) 

·         J2EE Application development framework - applet development - Jabaco 1.4; Android development with Eclipse interface builder.

·         Content Management Systems - Various

·         MS-Sharepoint - Content management of project details and file management security applications.

·         Project Management skills

·         Client facing & requirements management.

·         UML / Yourdon / Grady Booch design methologies. Application security and performance related frameworks.

·         VB6, VBA,VB.NET, Jabaco 1.5, C++, KCML & Power Builder Application development / maintenance.

·         Project workflow analysis and business process design - Process flow application design.

·         Data construction, extraction and processing from documents and web entities using                         

  technologies : XML. XSLT, SGML, XSD, HTML 4.0, XLIFF & TMX 1.4b


Key Attributes & Competencies

Key attributes

 1st & 2nd level software support & application development.

Exposure to  Localization, ERPs, Digital Document Managent, Retail / Distribution systems, Software testing

Ø      Project management from layout conception to product delivery and post implementation support.

Ø      Maintenance team management

Ø      Customer SLA management


Team work progression and project development aides :

  •       (SDLC)
  •       Project Management & Development Methodologies : SCRUM & Agile.

Support activities & environments :


   Ø     Visual Basic .NET, VB6 & VBA based application support & development; Kerridge KCML 5.01 & Sybase PowerBuilder 10.1 based application support and bespoke development.

 Ø      Office 2003 / 2007 / 2010, VBA Macros and component integration.

   Ø      MS SQL Server 7.1/ 2000 / 2005 - 2008 - Stored procedure authoring and report extraction.

   Ø      MS-Server 2003 / 2008 / 2015

   Ø      Oracle 9i & 10g Configuration & Scripting, Oracle Weblogic web services

   Ø      XML, XLIFF, TMX 1.4b and HTML document analysis & data extraction tool building

   Ø      Information flow process creation and maintenance

 Ø      UAT, Application support & training ? bug tracking and issue resolution on a proactive basis.

   Ø      MS-Sharepoint - nominal usage.

   Ø      Adobe CS2/CS3 (Flash, Illustrator, InDesign) - Interface construction using VB6 / VB .NET and XML

   Ø      FrameMaker 7.1 - Interface construction using VB6 and XML

   Ø      Quark Express - Interface support


Development tools experience :


Ø     Visual Basic .NET 2002, 2005, 2008 & 2017 Versions


         Power Builder 10.1

Ø      SOP / Ledger processes

Ø      Crystal Reports & VB6

Ø      Kerrige / ADP KCML 5.01 (Unix environments)


Retail, Commerce, Localization & Medical : 


Ø      Unix  4.1, SCO-OpenServer, SUN Solaris 10, DRS NX

Ø      OS/2 Warp Connect, Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / 2015 setup and configuration; TCP/IP support (DHCP; VPN)

Ø      MS-Server 2000/2003/2008/2015, NT 4 (sp 6a), XPWindows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

Ø      C, C++ (Embedded Systems - Intel 8056 micro controller)  , VB6, KCML 5.0 & Power Builder 10.1

Ø      Nippondenso BHT-BASIC for BHT2000/4000 Portable Data Collection Units; RS232C / USB interface and driver development.

Ø Wang 2200 / CS Series Mini Computer hardware support and software development/support

Ø DEC PDP-11/23 Mini Computer hardware / network support / Operating System (VAX VMS) Support


Communication aspects :


Client facing, Project Organization, Constant process improvement, SDLC, MS-Project, MS-Sharepoint, Files Together and Sage CRM


Activities :


Utilities development, Software systems engineering, technical / user documentation authoring, 2nd level support, User Acceptance Testing, Project Management, Technical team leading, Product design and marketing, End user training, Development of Vanilla problem solving applications.

Bodies observed:




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