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With a solid understanding of application development & support processes involved in a wide variety of business environments through various roles – embracing both in commercial and bespoke development disciplines.. Extensive experience in software testing, training and specification authoring. Both technical & project management; carried through application document authoring and constant improvement of processes.


·         UNIX / LINUX (SCO OpenServer V, AT&T, Red Hat, Debian), MS Server 2000/ 2003 – Setup & Administration, application / interface development (C, C++) 

·         J2EE Application development framework – applet development - Jabaco 1.4; Android development with Eclipse interface builder.

·         Content Management Systems - Various

·         MS-Sharepoint - Content management of project details and file management security applications.

·         Project Management skills

·         Client facing & requirements management.

·         UML / Yourdon / Grady Booch design methologies. Application security and performance related frameworks.

·         VB6, VBA,VB.NET, Jabaco 1.5, C++, KCML & Power Builder Application development / maintenance.

·         Project workflow analysis and business process design - Process flow application design.

·         Data construction, extraction and processing from documents and web entities using                         

  technologies : XML. XSLT, SGML, XSD, HTML 4.0, XLIFF & TMX 1.4b


Key Attributes & Competencies

Key attributes

 1st & 2nd level software support & application development.

Exposure to  Localization, ERPs, Digital Document Managent, Retail / Distribution systems, Software testing

Ø      Project management from layout conception to product delivery and post implementation support.

Ø      Maintenance team management

Ø      Customer SLA management


Team work progression and project development aides :

  •       (SDLC)
  •       Project Management & Development Methodologies : SCRUM & Agile.

Support activities & environments :


   Ø     Visual Basic .NET, VB6 & VBA based application support & development; Kerridge KCML 5.01 & Sybase PowerBuilder 10.1 based application support and bespoke development.

 Ø      Office 2003 / 2007, VBA Macros and component integration.

   Ø      MS SQL Server 7.1/ 2000 / 2005 - 2008 - Stored procedure authoring and report extraction.

   Ø      MS-Server 2003 / 2008

   Ø      Oracle 9i & 10g Configuration & Scripting, Oracle Weblogic web services

   Ø      XML, XLIFF, TMX 1.4b and HTML document analysis & data extraction tool building

   Ø      Information flow process creation and maintenance

 Ø      UAT, Application support & training ? bug tracking and issue resolution on a proactive basis.

   Ø      MS-Sharepoint - nominal usage.

   Ø      Adobe CS2/CS3 (Flash, Illustrator, InDesign) - Interface construction using VB6 / VB .NET and XML

   Ø      FrameMaker 7.1 - Interface construction using VB6 and XML

   Ø      Quark Express - Interface support


Development tools experience :


Ø     Visual Basic .NET 2002, 2005 & 2008 Versions


         Power Builder 10.1

Ø      SOP / Ledger processes

Ø      Crystal Reports & VB6

Ø      Kerrige / ADP KCML 5.01 (Unix environments)


Retail, Commerce, Localization & Medical : 


Ø      Unix  4.1, SCO-OpenServer, SUN Solaris 10, DRS NX

Ø      OS/2 Warp Connect, Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 setup and configuration; TCP/IP support

Ø      MS-Server 2000/2003/2008, NT 4 (sp 6a), XP & Windows 7:

Ø      C, C++ (Embedded Systems - Intel 8056 micro controller)  , VB6, KCML 5.0 & Power Builder 10.1

Ø      Nippondenso BHT-BASIC for BHT2000/4000 Portable Data Collection Units; RS232C / USB interface and driver development.

Ø Wang 2200 / CS Series Mini Computer hardware support and software development/support

Ø DEC PDP-11/23 Mini Computer hardware / network support / Operating System (VAX) Support


Communication aspects :


Client facing, Project Organization, Constant process improvement, SDLC, MS-Project, MS-Sharepoint, Files Together and Sage CRM


Activities :


Utilities development, Software systems engineering, technical / user documentation authoring, 2nd level support, User Acceptance Testing, Project Management, Technical team leading, Product design and marketing, End user training, Development of Vanilla problem solving applications.

Bodies observed:




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